Koha in the mail this week

Julia has been saving up the mail, and handed me a beautiful bunch of letters and parcels this week.

Thank you Riccarton Primary School in Christchurch, Kelburn Playcentre in Wellington and Putiki Kindergarten in Whanganui for your lovely letters and seeds:

We received this beautiful letter from the tamariki o Nga Hau e Wha at Merivale School in Tauranga, as well as some kamokamo seeds and information about how to grow them. Kia ora – we can’t wait to plant these seeds!

And finally, thank you Mary Ann in Auckland for this amazing sunflowery apron! We think it’s seriously cool and so perfect for our little farmers. I bet there’ll be a race in the kitchen to see who gets to wear it first 😉


How do your sunflowers grow?

People have been sharing photos of their potted-up sunflower seeds and seedlings with us. Here’s a glimpse of some of the Project Sunshine sunflower plants that are growing around the country.

Students at Raphael House Rudolf Steiner School in Wellington have planted their sunflower seeds – look at the beautiful seed markers they’ve added to their pots:

Denis in Auckland has planted our seeds as a home-school project:

Anna’s seeds in Wellington have just poked through the soil:

Catherine’s little seedlings are bearing up in the Wellington wind and continuing to stand tall. There are 35 seedlings planted out the front of her house in total!

Philip has planted his little bebe fleurs de soleil in his Wellington garden:

If we hop down to the South Island for a moment, we can see that Heather’s plants in Christchurch are growing really well:

Brigitte in Nelson says “… today I prepared some pots for the sunflowers… one lot for Brian, one lot for Eileen, and one lot for this hill… for the start. The bbq table is covered with trays to organise my experiments, only a small area is left for breakfast.” Just look at that amazing view in the background:

Little Earth Montessori preschool in Kapiti sent us these three beautiful photos of their seedlings:

Finally – we’re keeping a close eye on an exciting ‘sunflower growing race’ on Twitter between two Project Sunshine friends. Rob lives in Wellington and his seedlings are just starting off. Meanwhile, Leon is in the South Island’s West Coast and has a flying start with his plants – he credits his home-made “secret recipe liquid seaweed. Looks a bit like really old motor oil…”

Leon’s seeds are actually from Kings Seeds, so we’ve just popped a pack of our special Giant Russian sunflower seeds in the post, so he can grow some of ours as well. 🙂