Beautiful and bright: painting sunflower seed packets

Yesterday it was a bit windy to be outside. So instead of tending to their garden, the Project Sunshine team embraced their artistic side and set about painting lots of sunflower seed packets.

With a brush in hand, our little farmers turned into little artists and created some absolutely stunning works of art.

The theme of the day was ‘loving our bees’ and each child painted a bee on a seed packet, as well as sunflowers and hearts and anything else sunshiney that captured their imagination.

We then let the works of art dry and enjoyed looking at all the bright colours on display.

Look at all the beautiful bees! These packets are going to contain a very special sort of sunflower seed – keep watching this space to find out more…



2 thoughts on “Beautiful and bright: painting sunflower seed packets

  1. Beautiful Bees, I am looking forward to hearing what the mystery seed is going to be. Something for the bees perhaps?

    • The packets are so beautifully painted that it’s going to be hard to part with them all! And yep, the mystery seed will certainly help the bees… it’s right up your alley too! All will be revealed soon… C.

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