Koha and sharing

Here at Project Sunshine not only do we love helping our bees and making our communities beautiful – we love sharing too.

The concept of the sharing table is central to our sister Common Unity project; we often place our homegrown produce on it for people to share. We also invite people from our community to come and share a meal with us. In return, we ask for people to share something special with us – to offer koha.

The children have a saying: “we have two hands: one for giving and one for receiving”. In this way, our children learn that acts of kindness go a long way. They also learn that they have the power to create change and make their environment even more beautiful. The sorts of things that people offer as koha can range from seeds that people have saved, little bits of equipment for the garden, such as containers for planting seed – and on our open days it might be a shared song. All these things are special and help us strengthen our community bonds.

With Project Sunshine, the Epuni School children want to send their sunflower seeds far and wide throughout New Zealand. In return, you might receive an email from us asking for an act of reciprocity, or koha.

We gratefully receive anything that people are willing to share with us. Koha could be a simple self-addressed envelope for us to post seeds to you in, some stamps, a few coins, some seeds of vegetables for the children here to plant in their mandala garden, or perhaps other sunflower seeds that you yourself might have saved and wish to share with the children. Whatever you think is appropriate and useful will go a long way towards helping our project thrive. (Please just drop us a line via email if you wish to make a larger financial contribution.)

Through simple actions, such as sharing and kindness, our children have the power to grow and make amazing changes to our world. Please help us take this message to the rest of Aotearoa, New Zealand.