Sharing our sunflower seeds

The Epuni students are now busy counting the seeds into beautifully-decorated packets to distribute to other schools and people throughout NZ.

We want our project to spread and grow throughout Aotearoa, New Zealand and to fill our communities with golden sunflowers! If you would also like to take part in Project Sunshine, then please just drop us a line at: projectsunshineaotearoa(at)gmail(dot)com. We will send you packets of seed, and we simply ask for a small koha (donation) to cover postage costs. Perhaps you have saved sunflower seed that you could send the students at Epuni School?

Please then email us at or drop us a line via Facebook to let us know what happened to the seeds. The students would love to know where the seeds go, who has received them and what happened to them once the packet has been planted – we’d also love to feature your story here on our blog. We’ve even created a special map that shows where seeds have been sent to-date in New Zealand:


Introducing Shane and sunflowers in Wellington’s CBD

Meet Shane.


He is a new friend to our project, and contacted us to volunteer for Common Unity Project‘s Big Dig Day 2013. If you are a Wellingtonian, chances are you have passed by or enjoyed Shane’s work in the CBD. Because Shane is a city gardener, he’s a bit of an unsung hero, as he’s charged with creating the beautiful plantings in the inner city. His contribution has meant that the inner city is larger spray-free, as Shane has cleaned up the soils by using organic methods. He is also responsible for introducing fruit trees shortly to the Guznee St precinct, in the Glover Park area… right by our friends at Radio Active FM.

Our little farmers will soon be joining Shane’s work and will plant hundreds of sunflowers, and other plants for pollinating insects, throughout Wellington City. This is part of our Project Sunshine programme – our children are beautifying our communities and are supporting our insects.

Thank you Shane for all you do. If you see him out there people, give him a shout!