Working with wonderful Wellington Zoo


Meet Kim and Lynn – our new friends from Wellington Zoo. We are so excited to be working on a Project Sunshine collaboration with their wonderful new ‘Bush Builder‘ programme. The programme is designed around educating our youngsters about vulnerable ecosystems and of course, our friends the pollinators. Our Project Sunshine children will get the chance to do some planting at the zoo and Lynn and Kim will work at Epuni School with the children, and also back at the zoo. Our children will grow sunflowers and our new range of butterfly-attracting plants, and these will be dispersed to other Wellington schools via Lynn and Kim. This is a really exciting partnership and we are very grateful for the support of Wellington Zoo. We’re pictured here in the garden as the storm began to hit. Freezing!

Cheers Lynn and Kim. Next time bring a giraffe too please? X


Harvesting seed

Hello sunshiny friends. A wee update on what we have been up to since our harvest. The children have been tackling the task of stripping the heads of seeds and will soon begin to pack them up to send out. It’s a huge task, and we have produced enough seed to send to every NZ school… should they want it! The little ones have been using the trays of drying seed as a sensory exercise… they feel magic to run your hands through and are great for maths and counting. The big seniors had the wonderful task of ripping out the remains of the field, which was really tough work for our farmers! The result is a mountain of compost ready to feed next season’s efforts. Please get in touch if you would like to pre-order seed. We ask for a small koha to cover postage costs. This project remains a gift from our community to the bees and all other children of NZ.