Golden days – some more harvesting photos

2013-02-28 11.26.31 Here are some photos of our farmers and their beautiful crop of sunflowers, which they just harvested. Beautiful!


Harvest time – March 2013


Hello lovely sunflower friends.

We have had a pretty wonderful growing season with our field that was planted at Epuni School back in October. Our flowers have survived Christmas winds and now a drought. But despite this they have managed to produce some enormous heads. In the last two weeks we started harvesting the flowers and were lucky enough to have our sunflower friends from Pomare School come join us for a harvest celebration last week. Over the winter, our Epuni children will pack up the seeds ready to send out to any school or community group in New Zealand that would like to join with us in raising awareness of bee populations and just for the pure joy of spreading sunshine through our communities. Our sunflower field has brought so much happiness and beauty to our neighbourhood, it has hosted an amazing array of insect life and will support the birds that are struggling through this dry period. Please get in touch with us if you would like seed or further info. I thanks the hard work of our Epuni children to keep their field of flowers alive and flourishing, and much love too to the children of Pomare School, St Michael’s and Taita Central who all came together with us to create this planting.